Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Suits you, madam

The Credit Crunch has outstayed its welcome don't you think? It should move on now and let us all get back to normal. However, while it continues to hang around, ASDA have decided to capitialise by producing a women's business suit that costs just £20.

No doubt high-profile tailors, from all sectors, will be rolling their eyes, saying you can't get a good, proper suit, for such low money. But if people are strapped for cash it's going to be a popular choice you would imagine.

However, as we often cover in the magazine, it is important to know where such garments come from, how they are made, by who and under what conditions. Only last year Primark were found to be sourcing clothes from a company that was employing child workers and have since ended their business with them. It is probably fair to assume ASDA are producing these garments ethically but when the cost is as low as £20 for an entire suit, it's not unfair to raise the issue.


Anonymous said...

An alternative view would be to ask what profit margin is being made by other suppliers if a company can source and sell a suit for just £20.00. It is the same thought that you get when you see retailers discounting by 50%.

Anonymous said...

I work with work returners in economically poor areas and this can only be good news for them. Clothing to boost confidence at affordable prices. I just hope the style and sizing are realistic for today's "average" woman

Company Clothing said...

Both very interesting points.