Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Space is cool

The news Red Dwarf is to return is certainly welcome - life on planet Earth sure is tiresome right now, what with recessions this and global warming that. What could be better than a bit of escapism in outerspace - although the synopsis for the show is that they do make it back to earth...doh!

However, it does show that space is cool (again). We knew this was the case already though, what with our Design Innovation Challenge that asked people to come up with new uniforms for crew in the new Star Trek film. On March 12 the winners of this, and all the other categories, will be announced at the lavish surroundings of the Park Lane Hotel - you can buy tickets here.

Keep an eye on your postbox because shortly the latest issue will be arriving which contains not only a special supplement with information on all the shortlisted entries to the awards, but also images of the entries to the Design Innovation Challenge (they are definitely worth seeing) and also news of our fabulous, top-notch celebrity hostess for the night...watch this space!