Thursday, 8 January 2009

Simply Red

Virgin has chosen to celebrate 25 years in the biz by highlighting the impact they made to the world of air travel in their eye-catching red uniforms. Try here if your youtube is blocked.

The ad, which features 80s references a-plenty - miner's strikes on the front pages, massive mobile phones, Wimpy bars, and soundtracked by seminal hit 'Relax' - underline the impact a distinctive, eye-catching uniform can make. Indeed the other air hostesses in the advert are portrayed wearing drab, grey outfits that are completely outshone by their rival's red ensemble.

As we found when we covered the new Emirate Airlines uniform design and rollout, airline uniforms are a fundamental part of brand image and Virgin clearly know this, using theirs as the focal point for this ad campaign.

What are your favourite memories of 1980s nostalgia - clothing or otherwise?