Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Morris dancing for extinction?

The news that Morris dancers fear their dance could become 'extinct' because people are too embarrassed to take it up is a sad one. However, surely only the most ardent Morris dancer could deny that it might be because their outfit is a bit, well, ridiculous.

There's nothing wrong with that in principal of course, and in fact at some stages in history it was probably something fancy and outlandish. But now it is a bizarre mix of bells and braces and you can understand why some people may be reluctant.

Perhaps all it needs is a bit of a revamp, an update of sorts. Incorporate a hooded element, pockets for Ipods, that sort of thing. What do you think? Is the uniform to blame, or does the dancing have something to do with it as well?


Anonymous said...

Coldstream guards also wear ridiculous clothing. Perhaps they too will become extinct?

passerby said...

what about the Swiss guards? that has to be the most ridiculous uniform out there. i think it must be the dancing.

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