Monday, 26 January 2009

Footwear stores bitten by Crunch

The next issue of Company Clothing features an overview of some new footwear products available on the market and underlines the innovation and drive of this area. However, the news coming from the high-street is not so good with the announcement that both Barratts footwear and Priceless have gone into administration.

Poll Results:

We asked you: Do you wear Hawaiian shirts? The results were:

Yes, it's all I own - 14%
Never, don't you know who I am? 28%
Only if I was in Hawaii, sipping a cocktail, playing the ukulele would you get me in one of those. 42%
It's a leftover from a party. 14%

So, it seems, you're not fans.

In other news the technical blight which hampered our efforts to bring you blog posts last week looks to be over, so now you can check back daily for your Company Clothing blog fix.