Monday, 12 January 2009

No pants on the underground

Would you go outside and use public transport not wearing any trousers? No? Of course not. At any time that would be ludicrous but especially at the moment considering the cold out there!

But consider the fact that this weekend hundreds of people across the globe, from New York to Warsaw to Sydney, spent the weekend travelling on underground systems not wearing any trousers - or 'pants' to explain the Americanisation of our headline.

Why? Well, just for a laugh really. Some laugh! The rules say you can't acknowledge you are taking part in an official event and that you have to make up an excuse as to why you have no trousers on - 'no clean pair', 'laundry day' - if anyone asks. All very strange.

Still, it does underline the fact people love to experiment with clothing and society's expected codes by subverting the norm for their own amusement...well a bit of philosophising on a Monday afternoon never hurt anyone.

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The Dame said...

In the rush hour it's always pants on the underground. Pants as in 'rubbish', not pants as in trousers. How did pants come to mean trousers anyway? I think we should be told.