Monday, 16 March 2009

More swimming suit news

Well, after a weekend of recovering from the excesses of the Company Clothing Industry Awards, it's back to the grindstone and another story about the issue of swimsuits and how they are helping swimmers break more world records than is natural, 108 last year were broken. That is a lot.

The swimming body Fima has announced that "swimsuits should not cover the neck and must not extend past the shoulders and ankles" explaining that, ""Fina wishes to recall the main and core principle is that swimming is a sport essentially based on the physical performance of the athlete," said a statement from swimming's world governing body."

A very interesting development that underlines the growing rise of technology in clothing. Thing is though, if all athletes are able to use the same kit, doesn't that make it even, everyone's faster? Are the clothes part of the race? Like a fuel strategy in F1, or subs in football, or a runner pacing themselves? What do you think?

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