Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Getting some Zees

Sometimes work can get boring can't it? (Can it? Ed) When it does one often finds the eyes drooping, the yawns coming thick and fast and then, before you know, your slumped over the keyboard, a string of kkkkkkkkkkkkkks and lllllllllllllls running across the screen, depending on how you fall.

But, as ever, someone in the clothing world has come up with a solution - a pillow shirt. The ingenious invention is designed so that, when the sandman comes a-visiting, you simply place your head gently down into the soft, comfy pillow embedded within, and drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

And of course, many studies have shown a nap at work is good for you. You know, all this talking about sleep has...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk llllllllll

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Anonymous said...

wake up, man!