Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bone Dry

Don't you hate that feeling you get when you get out of a swimming pool or the sea after a brisk swim, only to have your bathing costume cling and stick to you like an annoying clingy-sticky thing? Well worry no more!

A new swimsuit has been developed (pictured) with nanotechnology that is designed to repel water beads so on exiting the body of water in which you were happily splashing away it will only take a mere shake of your body to fling the offending water particles into the atmosphere, from whence they came.

Amy Hardin, of Sun Dry, who are distriburing the product, said: "The nanotechnology treatment, similar to that used to make fabrics splash or stain resistant, is water based and environmentally friendly. Sports wear fabrics that repel water seems like an unusual concept at first, but it really makes sense - why would you want a bathing suit that absorbs water, holds it next to your skin, and stays wet for a period of time?

Why indeed?! We love it. Roll on summer so we can try one of these out!

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Anonymous said...

maybe rafa nadal should wear this - that way he wont have to keep pulling his underwear out from his you-know-where between shots