Thursday, 26 March 2009

In the news, although is it news?

The day begins: shower, tea and toast / cereal, switch the TV on and watch the news. It's a standard routine. Now, taking off in the angle that is relevant for us, the dress code for presenting the news should, and was in the past, simple: suits. That was it. You look smart and you look sombre.

These days though, it's all changed and presenters are meant to be best mates, like us, and banter between themselves. This means that dress codes have changed so outfits can be more relaxed, more welcoming even.

But, it seems, there are still some boundaries left as GMTV's Kate Garraway was forced to change her outfit today as the first choice was deemed 'too bright' for bleary eyed workers at 6.06am. So before 7am rolled around she was changed again, into something a little quieter.

Kate Garment-away they could call her. Sorry, that's terrible pun. But come on, it's still early.


Anonymous said...

it appears that rather than scare viewers with her fireman red blouse they decided they would frighten them by giving her an undersized jacket which made it look like her breasts were going to explode all over your screen

Company Clothing said...

Ha! That's very true. Neither garment appears particularly suitable does it?