Monday, 30 March 2009

It was all white on the night

The England football team - never ones to do things by the book are they? Saturday saw them take on the mighty Slovakia in a world-ending friendly in which they won 4-0. Well done them.

The whole thing though was overshadowed by the unveiling of the team's new shirt and their 'anthem jackets' - so called because they took them off during the anthem in order to give the new shirt unveiling 'maximum impact' (a phrase which is surely copyright for the next Arnold Swarchenegger movie.)

Some people weren't happy with this, claiming it was too much of a PR stunt. Well it is 2009, what isn't a PR stunt these days? Still it's an interesting take on clothing and fashion launches, and when all's said and done the new kit does look really good; a hint of 1960s retro and nice clean, elegant lines.

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