Thursday, 5 February 2009

Straw hat

There's been some heated discussion in the Company Clothing offices of late about the merits of hats - heated discussion to keep us warm you see. The cold weather has no doubt seen people digging out anything that might keep them warm - gloves, ski socks, bulky jackets, and of course hats. But just because it's cold does that excuse bizarre choices - can you eschew fashion for the sake of warmth?

Jack Straw certainly made a bold choice when he wore a 'shapka' as he emerged from Number 10 the other day, but we were split as to whether he had a certain "sartorial elegance" or whether he looked "a bit of a berk". Well, we knew who could settle this for us: our readers, who know what's hot and what's not: so what do you think? Hat or no hat?


passerby said...

When it's this cold, fashion can go out of the window! Saw someone trying to walk through the snow on Monday in high heels.... predictably a disaster. Keep warm!

The Dame said...

I think it's berk or burk but not buerk. Unless you are taking the Michael. said...

We reckon he's been taking tips from the opposition benches!