Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fame at last, or sorts

During the snow dump of last week we blogged about the hat fashion of Jack Straw - as you can see here - and today we discovered the very constituency that Mr Straw is from, Blackburn, have written a blog about a blog he wrote about the stick he got for wearing...the boots! Oh it's all so confusing.

Still, it's nice to see we're reaching the key movers and shakers in Westminster. Now if only they'd change our name to Company Clothing, rather than just the more powerful sounding, but incredibly vague, Company, we'd be on to a real winner!

Plus don't forget - it's one calender month today until the awards - if you haven't got a ticket for the event of the year, host by the lovely Myleene Klass, what on earth are you waiting for? The moon on a stick?! Go here, now!

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