Thursday, 19 February 2009

George and students get together

Supermarkets - is there anything they can't do? The next generation of fashion designers have been helped in their learning process by working alongside George at ASDA to help design a range of menswear collections for Autumn / Winter 09.

The brief required the students to focus on the George customer, and to take into account what people look for when buying clothes. Following the backlash from consumers on throwaway fashion contributing to Britain's waste problems, students were required to follow the George attributes of quality, style and value as the main focus of their collection.

Sue Walton, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University, said: 'George at ASDA is focused on delivering affordable fashion to real people. This project will help students to realise the importance of designing for people during these tough economic conditions, when they are looking for uncompromising quality and style but at a price they can afford.'

Andy Burns, Menswear Design Manager for George, said: 'The £19 men's Perfect Fit Suit, which was launched earlier this year, is a firm favourite with our customers and so we're looking for something practical but stylish that will have the same appeal to the ASDA shopper.Through this link-up with Nottingham Trent University, we can provide the students with the opportunity to work for one of the largest volume fashion retailers in the UK. We can also strengthen our links with up coming talent to potentially find the next big thing in tailoring and keep our global design team filled with the very best from the fashion world.'

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