Friday, 20 February 2009

Stop the press

It is Friday, and we don't wish to raise too many hackles, but this BBC article, how not to design a work uniform, does make it hard to stay calm. It's all very one-sided and fails to bother to take into account the hardworking, creative and ingenious people in this 450 million pound industry. We though, do know about all this work, and this is exactly why we set up the Company Clothing Industry Awards, to celebrate the clever, interesting and sheer brilliant work that goes on, from fabrics to footwear to fashion design. If you haven't got your ticket yet for the awards on March 12 - get a move on!

As a final note in the next issue, with you shortly, we have an exclusive interview with the suppliers to National Express who gave us the full, updated and correct version of both the story including both the history behind the new contract and uniform as well as addressing some of the issues that came out in the national press. It's far more accurate than most of the mainstream media outlets managed. *Places trumpet back on floor, steps down from soapbox*

Enjoy the weekend!

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