Monday, 23 February 2009

Little gold men

So the Oscars have come and gone, in a triumph of red carpets, gowns and awards, and thankfully no tears from Kate Winslet. Incidentally, did any papers go for "Kate Wins-it"? It's what we would use if we covered such events.

The Best Costumer Design went to the The Duchess - that period drama with Keira Knightley - but Slumdog Millionaire was the biggest triumph of the night - they must be raking it in...

Some nice frocks and gowns and so forth where on display too - a gallery of some of them here - we've yet to spot anything resembling a disaster, but no doubt they happened - if you saw any, or have any opinions on what was on show - dresses or films - let us know using the comments button below!

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