Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow is falling...

Yes, it's snowing...Company Clothing has, like most of the country, been forced into Plan B mode and so is working remotely, using the modern wonders of the internet, email, blogs, and twitter to get its daily work done. Outside the streets are covered in snow, children are hurling snowballs at one another, and there is no bread in the cornershop. A magical time.

Which brings us to snowmen, those lovely rogues who turn up once a year with their bewitching eyes of coal, delicious carrot noses, old hats dug out and placed atop their fine heads, an old, mangy scarf draped around their neck for an air of sophistication. Dressing the snowman is an art on par with its construction. So what's your favourite method for dressing? What's the must have? The carrot, the coal or the hat? The arms made of twigs? Buttons? Perhaps a monocle? We'd be delighted to hear your thoughts on this snow filled day!

Right, we'd best make anothet cup of tea, and get back to this remote working malarrky.

Also we hope this didn't happen to you today.

Above: The invasion force was unstoppable.

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