Friday, 31 October 2008

Spooky goings on

First off – Happy Halloween! Secondly, Happy ‘Dare to wear it pink day’! The Company Clothing offices are, for one day only, a sea of pink ties, shirts, jackets, and even earmuffs, all in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign. An office of people wearing pink…something Halloween-ish about that.

It’s all go today: First up we’ve a story about people trying to break the ‘World Record for most amount of Thriller Zombies’. And they say Guinness World Records are meaningless!

Secondly we’ve the story that another clothing related world record has tumbled, fallen, been smashed…for dressing up as computer game characters! An impressive 342 people dressed as legendary characters such as Solid Snake, Zelda and Mario…no, neither do we.

While these may be somewhat odd records to break, it does go to show that people do like dressing up in funny clothes whatever the reason. So come on, confession time. What’s your favourite fancy dress get up? Pirates? Vikings? Ghostbusters? Let us know - you can always stay anonymous!

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