Friday, 17 October 2008

Solar-powered clothing?

It sounds like something from the future but a project to develop solar panels that can be woven into people’s clothing to generate electricity has won research funding from the Federal Government in Australia.

If the research were to prove fruitful thing of the problem it could solve! People out and about working and walking could store the energy and then use it to power their homes – saving money and keeping fit – the perfect situation! Whether or not it becomes a reality any time soon is of course another matter, but it’s interesting, and encouraging to note, there are people out there working on these issues, and can rely on funding from the highest levels.

Of course in Britain we’d more likely need something that took wind-power or rain to generate electricity – although the weather has been unseasonably warm lately…

What do you think – is this the future, or just some hair-brained scheme like hoverboards and robot butlers?

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