Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's getting easier to be green

A suit for £50? Made from recycled plastic bottles? Yes, it's true and it's available from highsteet clothing store Debenhams.

In fact we've seen this sort of thing before with ASDA's £20 'credit-crunch busting suit' for woman that drew a couple of interesting points. It's great to see though that something that is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles can be remade into something that is both highly useful, but also that can retail at such a reasonable price.

If the cost of recycling the bottles and reproducing them can be covered by selling something at £50 then it suggests the costs of recycling are coming down drastically and that business will become more and more willing to follow this route if it helps save money. We've covered the business benefits of going green, so the more this sort of thing is promoted and done on the highstreet, the more it will continue in the long run; we hope.

In these economically uncertain times producing clothing that saves money for both consumers and companies and help them save the planet is surely a good thing?

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