Monday, 6 April 2009

It's cool to be green

Company Clothing have always been ones to try and stay ahead of the curve, or at least on the curve, and as such for around two years now have had a dedicated "Green Room" section in each issue in which we look at green issues. In the past have included topics as diverse as a Colombian charity run by nuns manufacturing outdoor clothing, reviews of Fairtrade Fortnight and Arco joining the Ethical Trading Initiative. During this time we've seen how important ethical and environmental issues and standards have become.

Therefore we were not surprised, but were certainly pleased, to see that Mintel (a data analysis group that leaves you with fresh breath) have announced that the ethical clothing market is now worth £175 million

As the interest in our Environmental Initiative Award category showed, there is a wealth of companies in the corporate clothing world striving to do good through business and that customers and end-users are equally as keen to purchase clothing that has ethical and environmental credentials.

Our next issue will, of course, feature a look at more good work going on in this sector, including an interview with someone we met through Twitter, @freedomclothingproject.

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