Friday, 17 April 2009

What's up Doc Leaf

It's Friday, it's the weekend, it's Top of the Pops!! No wait, no it isn't. Sorry, nostalgia trip. But is Friday which means it's nearly the weekend so work is winding down (maybe?) and we're looking forward to a lie in tomorrow - why do you always need a holiday after a holiday?

This padding is partly to disguise the fact that, despite scouring the internet high and low, we haven't been able to find any amusing, interesting, wait, what's literally the eleventh hour (not literally the eleventh hour), we've been passed this story from Yarn Forward magazine:

De Montfort University in Leicester has developed a yarn made of stinging nettle fibres as part research project called STING (very good) Sustained Technology in Nettle Growing - fantastic coincidence. Nettles are stronger than cotton and far more sustainable and ecologically friendly and recently a dress made of nettles was worn by BBC presenter Kylie Pentelow who said it didn't sting at all and was in fact, 'lovely and warm to wear'. Using nettles in the textile world could well provide people with a more environmentally way of creating garments - how long until it enters the corporate clothing world though is another matter.

So, a last minute piece of news got the blog out of a potentially prickly situation.


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