Monday, 1 June 2009

Urgh Factor

As you may have seen on Have I Got News For You this weekend, policewomen have been complaining that their trousers make them look like, gulp, Simon Cowell. Ouch.

The story from The Times says, "The British Association of Women in Policing is lobbying the Government and the Association of Chief Police Officers for better-fitting uniforms. Liz Owsley, of the BAWP, said: “Women police officers have constantly brought up the fact they do not have a proper uniform. If you are going out there, protecting the public and being in confrontational circumstances, you need to feel professional and confident. If you are going out there looking like a sack of spuds, you are not feeling confident and you are not going to do your job properly."

Which is all very true. In fact we covered a similar story a while back in which we looked at how Nottinghamshire Police were in constant communication with their female officers to ensure they were happy with the quality of the garments they were issued with.

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