Thursday, 18 June 2009


With Father’s Day - the ultimate sock-gifting day just around the corner - results from a survey by Peter Jones confessed that they like receiving socks as a gift – shattering the sock’s reputation as a traditionally boring and un-inspirational gift.

The results from the survey, carried out by Peter Jones, the Sloane Square branch of John Lewis, were revealing:
  • 69% of British dads enjoy receiving socks as a gift
  • 67% of men never buy socks for themselves
  • 76% said that the quality, colour and expense of socks given as a present far exceed their own standard when buying socks for themselves
  • 80% of dads also admitted that it was a treat since socks are not something they buy for themselves
  • The average British dad owns 22 pairs of socks and receives an average of 9 pairs as gifts annually
  • When asked what they look for in a good pair of socks, 50% chose quality, mainly thickness, 36% said colour and 20% thought price was most important –
  • The average spend is £5
  • Only 34% of men colour co-ordinate their socks to their outfit with ‘black for work, white with trainers and anything at the weekend’ being the overriding rule of thumb

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