Tuesday, 13 October 2009

iPhone Glove

Technology and clothing go together like a horse and carriage (to mangle a well-known phrase) and the latest advancement in this area concerns everybody's favourite iPhone (other mobile devices are available) and gloves. Yes that's right - gloves for your iPhone.

Apparently, these help you use the touch screen more accurately or use the phone in cold climates, like Scotland. One manufacturer, US-based Dot Gloves, said its version was aimed specifically at countries where winters can be notoriously chilly.

The problem for device users is that normal gloves are too cumbersome or slide over the glossy screen, designed to be activated by bare fingers. The new gloves cost £10-£30 a pair, depending on the design. Some, like Dot Gloves, incorporate three electro-static rubber "dots" in the fingertips to connect users with their screens even in the harshest of climates. Microfibre palm grips make sure they do not slip from freezing hands.

A spokesman for Dot Gloves said: "If you own an iPhone and are in Scotland you'll know what it's like using the iPhone on those cold winter days. The screen doesn't work with gloves on and trying to use that iPhone touch screen with cold fingers is not an easy thing to do, but the gloves are a way around this."

Quite - wouldn't make a bad Christmas gift for some people actually...oh no, we mentioned Christmas - forgive us please...


James Kelly said...

Fantastic idea, as a promotional tool in the Corporate wear environment, I am certain there will be uptake, though really just a reinvention of shooting gloves?

Company Clothing said...

Hi James - interesting point; if you gave someone the glove, and they didn't have an iPhone, would you have to give them an iPhone as well?

Anonymous said...

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