Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hats off to you

So, after years and years of being told "make sure you wear a hat, you lose 10% of your heat through your head" we're now being told this is not true. This kind of thing happens all the time - these myths become so throughly embedded in our culture we believe them to be true only for scientists to then turn around years later and tell us they're all a load of rubbish. Perhaps they spread them to make sure they've got something to do in a few years time?

Not only have they done this, but they have also concluded that there is still no conclusive cure for a hangover and that "staying teetotal or drinking in moderation is the only way to avoid a hangover." True enough, but where's the fun in that over the Christmas period?

Tune in tomorrow for the last blog post of 2008!

Pictured: Santa refused to take his hat off, despite the scientist's claims.

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