Thursday, 4 December 2008

The gloves are on (and so is the music)

A new glove from The North Face called the eTip (hmm like iPod...) has reportedly been flying off the shelves as people want to get their mitts on, er, mitts, that let them control their MP3 devices through the ends of the glove - ah, that explains the name!

It's a common problem actually, the old glove / music player trade off and if the eTip is able to remove this annoying fiddly problem then it's no wonder it's doing well - apparently there is only one pair left in the Leed's branch of the store - it's probably gone by now, but if you're in
the Leeds area let us know.

If you're off skiing, running, walking in the cold winter weather - and man it has been cold this week - then gloves are useful and if they can be worn and still let you use your MP3 player without hinderance, so much the better.

Right, do excuse us, Company Clothing is just off to this wonderful sounding winter wonderland in Dorset for a Christmas holiday...what?!

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passerby said...

Oh yeah, i've heard of that place. Santa with a black eye... hohoho