Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Does your wardrobe change with the economic climate?

At a time when retailers of all types are struggling to stay afloat, it may surprise you to hear that shirt specialists and other workwear chains are experiencing rising sales.

With more competition than ever for jobs, it seems that employees are looking to project a highly professional image by spending their money carefully and selecting classic pieces that will not date. In fact, a survey by the Aziz Corporation showed that almost half of employees would dress smarter if their job was under threat.

Jane Dawson of online boutique Business Wardrobe explains: “Economic uncertainty is set to continue in 2010 and researchers have predicted a rise in sales of smart business wear. Dress-down Fridays have been replaced by female employees dressing to impress, as the threat of redundancy becomes evermore real. For online retailers specialising in formal officewear this is great news.

“Both the employed and unemployed want to have a more professional image to help them either retain or gain a job. This has created a work culture that is driven by both fashion trends and the need to stand out in a competitive job market.”

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