Tuesday, 7 July 2009

15 love?

Did you notice that when Roger Federer recieved the Wimbledon trophy on Sunday (for the sixth time...) he had a gold 15 on the side of his jacket? He must have been presented with it before the match by Nike in case he won. Which he did. Just.

As you can read in the link above, some people have seen this as a sign of arrogance, but if he was given the jacket and had it tucked away in his bag, to only be shown if he won, then it's hardly that bad, is it?

What do you think? Is a man who's won 14 grand slams allowed to preempt another possible victory, or would it be better to just be happy enough with another win, another title, another massive pay cheque, and leave it at that? Let us know below.

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Anonymous said...

its hardly arrogant to preempt a win in a two horse race - besides any team or player with possibilities of winning always have special t-shirts printed with things like champions etc and the bubbly on ice - if they win they come out if they don't, they drink the bubbly to drown their sorrows and burn the t-shirts.