Thursday, 14 May 2009

Gone to the head

We've covered bullet proof jackets and so forth before in the magazine - and as a result spent the day at a firing range, which was very interesting - so we were intrigued to see this story about Sikh police wanting a bullet-proof turban so they could take part in firearm deployments.

It's great that this section of the police force is keen to be involved in all areas, and we hope that the geniuses at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch and manufacturers worldwide, will be able to come up with something that solves this problem.

It just goes to show that the world of clothing is forever changing, forever being demanded more of, and forever getting talented designers and manufacturers to think of new and innovative ways around unique challenges.

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passerby said...

I always wear flip flops to the office in summer. never crossed my mind not to. should it have?