Friday, 28 November 2008

Flipping and flopping

Police in Torbay have spent £30,000 on flip-flops to provide drunken woman with an easier way of getting home, rather than staggering precariously in their high-heels.

Unsurprisingly the move has split opinion. As the story on The Times mentions the pressure group The Taxpayers’ Alliance criticised the scheme as an “idiotic waste of money”. However, club goer Danielle Bolton, 19, said: “It’s a great idea and I would wear them 100 percent. My heels hurt me at the end of the night so I tend to take them off. It’s a hell of a lot easier to walk with flip-flops than high heels.” Nice to see someone expressing themselves through medium of percentages.

Are there other forms of leisure wear that could be turned into useful drunken wear? It's that party we mentioned tonight so perhaps we could try it out? High vis to make sure you're seen?


As a related aside on this grey Friday, don't for that at our awards in March there is a Footwear Innovation Award category, so if you have a product you want to show off, make sure you enter!


Anonymous said...

where were these when i needed them a few weeks ago?

Ally said...

Kneepads? Helmets?

Anonymous said...

what do you get up to on a night out, Ally?

The DAme said...

personally i think they should confiscate their shoes and make them walk home barefoot instead of wasting taxpayers money on pink thongs.

Company Clothing said...

Yes Ally what do you get up to?!

@ The Dame - confiscating shoes is one idea, but how would they get them back? It would be a logistical nightmare surely?

In fact, surely for the summer it's a great way to get some free flip-flops as part of a night out?

Ally said...

Always a nose for the free stuff!